Beta e helmet in use during welding

Beta e series welding helmets are an update on Kemppi's most popular model in protective welding headgear. Our focus was in improving user experience through ergonomics, while fulfilling the industry standards for safety and protection.

Beta e series welding masks
Surface design for protection and comfort

The revised helmet's surface design centers around achieving extended facial protection with its deep cut shell, and compatibility with existing Kemppi welding lenses. Ease of maintenance and cleaning were considered by having minimal surface features on the inside of the visor.

The updated model is more light-weight than its predecessor, due to a smaller amount of parts and optimized thickness of the helmet material.

Beta e series helmet used in welding
Beta e series helmet used in welding
Beta e series - Comflex Headband

User ergonomics of the updated design are improved by adopting the ComFlex headband, developed as part of our previous collaboration with Kemppi. The headband is highly adjustable to user preferences and distributes the mask's weight evenly.

Specific Beta helmet models are also compatible with Kemppi's GTH3 respirator system, which offers the highest standard of respiratory performance and safety.

Implementing proven solutions

Images provided by Kemppi Oy