Flexlite GF welding gun held in hand

We participated in Kemppi's mission to improve industrial worker safety by helping to develop Flexlite GF - a MIG welding gun with fume extraction functionality. Our work on the GF model centered around fitting the mechanical components required for gas extraction inside the gun body without compromising ergonomic viability.

Flexlite GF used in welding with gas extraction on
Eliminating welding fumes at the point of origin

Flexlite GF eliminates up to 95% of all welding gases and particles. Extracting harmful fumes directly at the gun nozzle has advantages over personal protective equipment, since it reduces risk to all personnel at the welding site.

To let users take full advantage of the gas extraction feature, an airflow bypass valve is integrated into the gun handle to ensure instant control over the extraction airflow.

Flexlite GF airflow bypass valve

Surface design of Flexlite GF balances the requirements of its mechanical implementation and user ergonomics. Extra care was given to keep the gun as compact as possible to provide good handling in practical use.

Even with the increased size of interior mechanics, the GF model retains the established design of the Flexlite product family. The gas extraction gun is also compatible with existing gun attachments in Kemppi's catalogue.

Maintaining usability and product continuity
Flexlite GF and a pistol handle attachment
Flexlite GF product composition

Images provided by Kemppi Oy