SuperSnake GTX sub-feeder with protective cage

We helped develop the latest addition to Kemppi's SuperSnake product line of welding wire sub-feeders, aimed to extend the operational range on welding sites. The GTX model introduces unique features that take the principles of work site accessibility even further.

GTX model's design focuses on robustness, mobility and usability. Mechanical design, UX and UI features were developed in collaboration with Kemppi's Research, Development and Innovation department.

SuperSnake GTX sub-feeder
Optimized durability

The GTX sub-feeder body is durable and enclosed within a protective metal cage, that can withstand the wear of industrial working environments. The protective cage also secures the welding cables, while providing quick and easy access for cable management. In addition to developing a robust chassis for the GTX model, we successfully reduced the product's assembly time.

Increased efficiency with local control

SuperSnake GTX features its own user interface, which gives the user local access to welding parameters. This results in lower dependency on the primary wire feeder's location at the work site, and makes welding tasks more agile and productive.

SuperSnake sub-feeder user interface

GTX's wire feed mechanism is housed under an innovative cover design. A spring wire acts as the cover's hinge, and also locks the cover to it's opened and closed position.

The cover is designed so that the spring wire hinge doesn't bear a load of an impact, making the cover more durable. Furthermore, the cover design reduces the number of parts, grants easy product assembly and quick replacement of broken parts.

Feed mechanism cover
SuperSnake GTX feed mechanism and open cover

Images provided by Kemppi Oy