Flexlite TX product range with Red Dot Award

We took part in developing Kemppi's precision welding torch family. Flexlite TX's design is distinguished by its innovative material approach to ergonomics and adaptability to a variety of welding applications.

Our combined efforts resulted in a patented torch handle, and gained global recognition in the form of Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

Flexlite TX in use during a welding task
Excellent ergonomic design through innovative use of materials

Flexlite TX utilizes silicone rubber as the torch handle's material. The handle is shaped to fit the human hand and supports alternative holding styles.

The High traction properties of silicone rubber guarantee an effortless and secure grip for all types of welding gloves. The material also allows the handle to bend around the user's grip. As a result the torch is agile and load on the user's wrist is reduced. Silicone's heat resistant qualities together with the cable's leather sheathing provide Flexlite TX with practical durability.

In addition to TX's design, we collaborated with Kemppi to pioneer the production methods required by the new material application.

Flexlite TX handle ergonomics

Ranging models for power capacity, cooling type and torch size make Flexlite TX a well suited instrument for a wide spectrum of welding applications.

Individual task requirements and user preferences are met with a selection of alternative components. Options in neck designs enhance precision during challenging welding tasks, and remote controller variants enable the instant tuning of welding current directly from torch handle.

Adaptable across applications and preferences
Flexlite TX torch handle variants
Flexlite TX remote controller variants

Images provided by Kemppi Oy