Gamma GTH3 helmet with smoke

Our contribution to the development of Kemppi's flagship in personal protective equipment began by establishing the product's design specifications.

Being involved at the earliest stages of the development process gave us the opportunity to analyze elements of safety and usability from the end user's perspective.

Based on the specifications, we helped to produce a design that upholds exceptional personal protection quality and supports the worker's operational effectiveness.

Gamma GTH3 used in a welding application
Gamma GTH3 respirator system
Highest standard for respiratory protection

The belt-mounted air filter eliminates 99.8% of airborne fumes and particles. Gamma GTH3 models achieve the highest EU classification for respirator performance and provide excellent protection in industrial working environments. Breathing inside the respirator is made effortless by its positive pressure design.

Exploded view of Gamma GTH3 respirator's filter unit
Gamma GTH3 in use during metal grinding
Gamma GTH respirator with welding visor

The layered visor structure of Gamma helmets makes them well-suited for various work processes. Broad viewport of the inner visor provides great visibility, which is maintained by the welding visor's large auto-darkening lenses.

User vision in low light conditions is enhanced by the integrated LED work lights, powered by the respirator battery. The welding lens and work lights can be adjusted directly by a dedicated remote controller positioned on the outer visor's rim.

Uncompromised visibility and ergonomics
Gamma GTH3 work lights feature

To further support user ergonomics, we developed the ComFlex headband. It offers a high degree of flexibility to meet individual preferences, and distributes the welding helmet's weight evenly to promote worker comfort and reduce common headaches caused by headgear.

Developing solutions for individual comfort
Gamma GTH3 helmet interior
Comflex headband

Images provided by Kemppi Oy