Simple hero shot of Ergoplus welding torch

We collaborated with Trafimet and Kemppi to develop the updated version of Trafimet's popular MIG welding torch. Our responsibilities were to create high quality solutions for user comfort and ergonomics, while maintaining a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness, optimized production and assembly.

Our careful attention to human factors together with Trafimet’s technological advancements yielded an industrial tool that was recognized internationally in the form of the Red Dot Design Award in 2023.

Ergoplus welding torches laid on a welding table
Interfacing with
the human hand

The torch handle is shaped to compliment the anatomy of the human hand, allowing a controlled and natural grip. Additionally double injection molding is utilized to integrate high traction elastomer surfaces into the handle, ensuring a secure grip with welding gloves and eliminating any tool swiveling during work processes.

Ergoplus torches feature an attachable pistol grip handle, which provides a more neutral hand position and helps eliminate strain caused by forward wrist extension during prolonged work. Easy attachment as well as power transfer to the torch handle's trigger are achieved with a minimalistic mechanical design.

Ergoplus pistol grip attachment method
Ergoplus pistol grip inner mechanics
Ergoplus trigger mechanism

Ergoplus torches are equipped with a micro switch trigger mechanism. The design of the trigger focuses on precise feel and predictable haptic feedback, enabling precise control during the welding process. Additionally the trigger mechanism is highly resistant to dirt, dust and moisture, resulting in greater product life and reliability even in challenging working environments.

Intuitive control
and reliability
Technical visualization of Ergoplus double ball joint feature

A double ball joint connects the water-cooled Ergoplus model's cable to its handle. The joint feature reduces drag generated by the welding cable, mitigating physical strain and providing resistance-free movement of the hand.
Cable management is simultaneously improved by limiting bending near the torch handle's base. The ball joint design is successfully implemented with a minimal number of parts, and efficient manual assembly.

Supported freedom
of movement
Ergoplus floating hero shot