X8 MIG Welder system configuration

Product development process for the X8 MIG Welder was an expansive undertaking. We assisted in designing the welding system's multiple components according to the mechanical structure laid out by Kemppi's Research, Development and Innovation department.

The X8 MIG Welder is designed with focus on high quality and genuine user needs.

X8 MIG Welder configuration with dual wire feeders
Focusing on device interactions to enhance productivity

The guiding concept behind X8 Welder's design is to increase professional effectiveness with improved device interactions. This idea is reflected in the welder's tool-free exchangeable equipment, wireless X8 Control Pad and overall durability of components. Both mechanical and digital interfaces are designed to decrease time spent on maintenance and configuration, empowering productivity.

The emphasis on usability provides the X8 MIG Welder with substantially faster set up configuration times when compared to standard MIG welding equipment.

X8 Power Source prduct image
X8 Cooling Unit detaching from the power source
X8 Wireless Controller

Highlight of the X8 system's development. Top loading design reduces strain on the user's back during spool replacement, and the unit structure guarantees secure spool loading.

Wire feeder's kinetic spool break is a special feature, which provides a steady feed by maintaining a constant wire tension. The spool brake helps mitigate common feeding issues, and improves the reliability and quality of welding. Operation in low light conditions is aided by lighting of the feed mechanism cabinet.

The X8 Wire Feeder's ergonomic design has been proven by its adoption to Kemppi's other welding systems.

Focal point of ergonomic design: X8 Wire Feeder
X8 Wire Feeder product image
X8 Wire Feeder exposed side view
X8 Wire Feeder feed mechanism close up

X8 Welder's design is complete with an array of auxiliary products to augment the welding system's utilization.

The Flexlite GX products are a line of ergonomic and high-performing MIG welding guns, designed to be fully compatible with X8 system's features. The welding unit's operational range can be extended by an articulated wire feeder boom or a wire feeder counterbalance arm, for increased welding site accessibility.

Reinforced usability with complementary products
GX MIG welding gun
GX MIG welding gun with pistol handle attachment
X8 Wire Feeder suspended from the articulated boom
Articulated boom for the X8 Wire Feeder

Images provided by Kemppi Oy